Letters Page

We will soon be adding a ‘letters page’ to the site, in response to the many letters the The Patriotic Front receives, every week.

This is from a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous.

It has become glaringly obvious that mass-immigration was engineered to pave the way for globalisation; to dilute national pride and cultural identity, two characteristics that would undoubtedly pose a huge threat to globalisation phase one: The European Union.

A proud indigenous population of a historical nation wouldn’t accept being absorbed into a homogenous artificially formed ‘global’ nation, a New World Order.

There is no other feasible explanation for letting largely unskilled, uncivilised, fiercely religious, wholly incompatible people, with a high propensity to violence, into our land. They have nothing positive to offer.

All of the spurious explanations for filling Britain with third-worlders, given by successive governments, have been easily debunked with facts, figures and logic.

If Britain so badly needed skilled workers, why would the workers have to be immigrants? We have some of the best education institutions on the planet, and why would the immigrants have to be from the third-world? Judging by the state of the countries these people come from they are clearly short of skills.  Their nations have been ruined by their cultures’ inability to build and maintain civilisation…which is why they want to flee the desolate wastelands their cultures have created/destroyed. If they couldn’t create something worthwhile for themselves, do you expect us to believe they could contribute anything of value to Britain? If these people are so wonderful why are their countries of origin so uninhabitable?

Why wouldn’t the government make it easier for Americans, Australians, New Zealanders or South Africans to come here? We share a language, similar cultures and ethics. They would fit right in.

I’ll tell you why; It’s because those people are of European descent, who also come from independent, sovereign nations with proud histories, who would also oppose the destruction of their ancestral homeland. They would oppose handing Europe over to an unelected global dictatorship, run by the Rothschild dynasty.

The nonsense about immigrants propping up the pension pot is a fatuous lie. Mass immigration has been reported to be a net loss of up to £17 billion per year, and has brought with it a whole host of social and cultural problems: Honour killings, FGM, terrorism, rape, fraud, gang culture, acid attacks, identity theft and robbery. Not to mention the anti-social behaviour and contempt these beings present to their host nation. Multi-culturalism is killing Britain.

70% of ‘skilled worker’ migrants are illiterate in their own languages, yet are somehow paraded as a miraculous solution to our economic problems, when opposite is true.

Low-skilled, low-IQ people take low income jobs. Low income jobs are subsidised by the taxpayer in the form of benefits. The vast majority of employed migrants are in low-skilled work, making them a net drain on resources. What about unemployed immigrants? 50% of Muslim men don’t work. 75% of Muslim women don’t work. Yet they are producing children at a rate that has made Mohamed (and its spelling variations) the most registered baby name in Britain.  Their religion promotes subversion and conquest. They are taking Britain over from within. I would say a fifth column, but we already have one of those, making Islam a sixth column.

They are populating our country with their people who will, in turn, do the same as their jobless parents; take resources they haven’t earned and breed. That is the definition of parasite. Britons are financing the parenthood of jobless immigrants who will, at this rate, outnumber native Britons in a few short years. All while the native population put off having kids because they can’t afford them, because they’re paying exorbitant levels of tax to fund the third-world invasion and Britain’s involvement in wars in the Middle-East, for the purpose of defending Israel from their enemies, of which there are many.

This is genocide, according to the United Nations. Any act likely to cause displacement (white flight) or dispossession (diminished access to services and housing) are acts of genocide. Allowing the native population to be outbred by the invading hordes is another act of genocide. This is all outlined in the U.N Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples. I suggest you read it and re-evaluate Britain’s immigration policy accordingly.

It is often said that the NHS wouldn’t survive without migrant workers, even though the NHS will collapse as it has been engineered to, to force the nation into private healthcare; another little gift from the government to the bankers they represent.

If migrants are so essential to the NHS, why have average A&E waiting times increased by 100%, from 6 hours to 12 hours, during the peak of the migrant influx? Could it be that the migrants are using our services, rather than contributing to them? We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet have a shockingly poor healthcare system that isn’t fit for purpose.

Migrants make up the majority of NHS doctors stuck off for negligence, indecency, sexual assault and forged or inadequate qualifications. Those ‘skilled workers’ again.

Why do we have a demand for new homes to be built that exactly matches the figure of net migration to the UK each year? We have too many people, not too few homes. We’re now the most densely populated country in Europe. Something has got to give.

Since the British people have refused to be swallowed up by globalism, by voting to leaving the EU, mass-immigration no longer has a purpose. Its purpose of diluting public resistance to globalism has failed, so you can send the invaders back. Last in first out.

We have no obligation, morally or legally, to accept, tolerate, house, feed or clothe these people. British citizens are forced to work for 40-50-60 years of their lives to survive, while the tax they contribute isn’t benefitting them or the people of Britain, but funding the breeding programmes of people who do not belong here.

In Britain we conserve our areas of outstanding natural beauty. We give historical buildings listed status and maintain them with period methods and materials wherever possible. Our native wildlife species are carefully monitored and managed so that they may be around for future generations to enjoy.

Why isn’t the native human population given the same consideration?

This is genocide.