Welcome to the on-line home of The Northern Patriotic Front.  

Dear Fellow Patriot

Our ever-growing band of patriots  firmly believe that our country and our people are worth fighting for. In Britain at this time, the British people are being treated as second-class citizens while our “politically correct” so-called government stands by and allows our country to be swamped by wave after wave of immigrants. Any small measures that they do take are mere window dressing to lull the unwary into a false sense of security while the face of Britain becomes changed forever. That is why in a society governed by lies, it is up to patriots to promote the truth – in fact it is our duty to do so!

We must speak the plain facts, and the plainest fact of all is that the self-serving politicians of all the established parties, Lib, Lab, Con are traitors to the British people.  These are strong words, and not ones we rejoice in, but they must be faced up to if we are to save our country and people.  Organised gangs of muslim paedophiles, random racial attacks against whites, and the racially motivated murder of whites are now regular occurrences in Britain; but ones which a corrupt parliament and media try to hide from public view. This cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged, we must act now and have the courage to stem this tide of destruction against our own people. That is why we say, that:

  • Ending immigration and beginning repatriation
  • Scrapping the politically correct notion of “multiculturalism
  • Re-establishing and celebrating our true British heritage

Provide the only realistic basis to secure a future for our children; how we act now will determine what kind of future they have. By joining the Northern Patriotic Front you are contributing to the fight against the alienation of our own people, but there is much work to be done . So if you would like to become a member please contact us either through the PO box or phone number  in the contact section . you will be most welcome.