Happy St. George’s Day

V__2E19(1) The NPF would like to wish a very happy St. Georges day to all English Patriots.

We hope the sun shines where you are, and that you have a wonderful day celebrating all things English.

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden deaths of two patriots in the North- East:

Mr Brian Kane a long standing nationalist and one of the founder members of the Northern Patriotic Front has suddenly and unexpectedly died at the Royal Victoria Infirmary  in Newcastle on March 4th. Brian will be remembered by all his friends and comrades in the NPF, not only for his warm sense of humour, but also for his long-standing commitment to the cause of British nationalism.

Mrs Marjorie Mathews, will be remembered for her tireless work on behalf of others in Sunderland area on a number of community issues and in particular as a leading member of the Millfield Residents Association. As someone to whom the welfare of local people played a major in her life, she was not afraid to write to the local and regional press warning of the threat posed by immigration in the North-East. Our most sincere condolences go to her family for their sad loss.

First meeting of 2016

On 23rd January, members of the Northern Patriotic Front gathered  for our first monthly meeting of 2016. With everyone rested and refreshed after the Christmas break, it was back to business as usual.

The Chairman outlined our goals for the year ahead, with emphasis on engaging and educating the public. He also introduced his strategy for our campaign for Britain’s swift exit from the European Union.

Many thanks to all who attended.

November meeting.

On Saturday the 28th of November members of the NPF gathered for our monthly meeting. The meeting was well attended, with many commenting on the notable increase in numbers. The chairman give a resounding speech on the progress the movement has made and the way we must advance forward. He welcomed our latest three new members before closing the meeting . Thank you to all in attendance.

The Paris Attacks.

This is an act of all-out war against the European people: we have a choice either to actively resist this onslaught or allow ourselves to be slaughtered like sheep. We the people must lead the resistance, we cannot trust our treacherous politicians and media – they are scum and liars who would allow us all to be destroyed in exchange for maintaining their own privileged lives. Time after time the liars tell us that the latest terrorist atrocities carried out by Muslims have nothing to do with Islam: countless atrocities planned by Muslims, carried out by Muslims, and funded by Muslims. Attacks carried out by those who live amongst us, who have chosen to live in the West but are openly contemptuous of our culture and people. They are parasites who attack their host and live of its blood and if left unchecked, if not driven out, will destroy it. Let all men and women of honour pledge on this day, and every day after to fight this deadly menace, never to betray the memory of our past generations or allow our children’s future to be taken from them.

NPF members attend remembrance day service.

On Sunday 8th November the Northern Patriotic Front gathered in Sunderland city centre, to honour our fallen heroes, at the annual remembrance day parade.

The chairman placed a wreath at the cenotaph, on behalf of the NPF,  in memory of those who have given literally everything to defend Britain.

Lest we forget.

Northern Patriotic Front members attend 10th annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston.

Northern Patriotic Front members seated with Richard Edmonds of the National Front (left): one of the speakers at the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting.

NPF members were amongst those who helped to boost attendance numbers to record levels at this year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting. An audience made up from a wide range of nationalist parties and groups heard from the speakers about the work of John Tyndall and how his work continued to inform and inspire nationalists in the present day.
A key feature of the meeting was not only this year’s high attendance but the call for unity amongst nationalists which was echoed by several of the key speakers including the meeting chairman Keith Axon during his opening remarks. A factor which was highlighted by the composition of those present who had travelled not only from across Britain, but also from Canada, the US, the Irish Republic and Italy.
If nationalists are to take anything from this meeting it must be this: that Europe and Europeans are now under threat as never before and nationalists must work together to create the kind of broad church movement capable of challenging our corrupt political establishment. Mass immigration and cultural Marxism will destroy our people and heritage unless we are capable of organising an effective resistance.