July 2016 Bulletin

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Millfield Mosque Update.

The much-disputed Millfield  mosque, in Sunderland,  is becoming quite an eyesore.  This hideous, unnecessarily expansive facility, has a larger capacity than  the practising Muslim population in the area needs. The establishment clearly has plans to flood Sunderland with even more Muslims, since they have allowed such an enormous building to be developed, in preparation for the expected  increase in numbers.  This should be a wake-up call to anyone concerned about the future of their families.

Not only is this unwanted monstrosity being built against the wishes of the people of Millfield. It is reported that planning permission was not granted for the enormous dome, in the centre of the structure. This is an illegal structure.


Brexit – The Peoples’ Revolution

Beginning of the end of the EU?

Shockwaves are running through the City, Brussels and the wider world after the UK electorate gave their support to leaving the European Union.

51.9 % voted for leaving the EU.
48.1% voted for remaining in the EU.
The turnout was an astonishing 72.2%

The results show how divided the UK is. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly for remaining possibly igniting a constitutional crisis and demands for independence referenda in those two nations.

England itself was also divided, rural counties and areas where the native population is still the majority voted to leave; areas where large numbers of migrants have settled voted to stay. London in particular appears an island of stayers in an ocean of southern England made up of leavers.

What next?

The answer is no one knows, even the most ardent enthusiasts for leaving never quite expected this outcome, fearing some kind of gerrymandering and vote-rigging by the British Establishment. It will take time for the dust to settle and an exit plan drawn up.

Across the wider EU the result will galvanise those nationalist and pro-independence movements into calling for their own referenda on EU membership.

Could the people’s revolution in the UK really be the beginning of the end of the EU Empire?