NPF Annual General Meeting.

The chairman of the Northern Patriotic Front  speaking to a big crowd of members at our Annual general meeting. The place was packed, with many relevant discussions taking place. Thank you to all who attended.

Members of the NPF support NEI and SDL on ‘Ban the Burkha’ march, 5th July 2014

On July 5th, the Northern Patriotic Front joined with the Scottish Defence League and the North East Infidels on the “Ban the Burkha” demo in Berwick-upon-Tweed. As part of our continuing campaign against Muslim paedophile gangs we handed out 1000 leaflets to the locals which exposed the links between the Marxist group Unite Against Fascism (a front organisation for the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party) and Muslim extremists and rape gangs. The demo and the day’s activities were a great success; despite a campaign by local left-wing nutters beforehand to stop us, only token opposition by the same bunch of no-hopers. We were proud to stand beside our fellow patriots in the SDL and NEI in defence of the real people whose lives are being destroyed by immigration and”multi-culturalism”.

Members of the Northern Patriotic Front attend Sunderland Cenotaph.

“Their lives were short, yet their fame is eternal. That which death took away is restored by glory.”

It was with a solid sense of the sacrifices made by previous generations of the British people, that representatives fromthe Northern Patriotic Front laid a wreath at Sunderland Cenotaph last Sunday. In doing so, it was almost impossible not to ponder for a moment on how they might regard today’s politicians who are intent on selling out any future for the British people in exchange for maintaining their own positions of wealth and privilege.

But it is also a time for those who regard themselves as racial nationalists to look inwards at themselves and reflect on their own attitude towards the cause of nationalism. The fight for the survival of the British people continues on today; it is not a battle carried out in a recognisable war-zone such as the trenches of the First World War, nevertheless it is only too real. If we are truthfully to consider ourselves as different to the hypocritical politicians who only pay lip-service to the memory of that sacrifice as a means of conning the general public, then our actions must underpin that ideal. The most significant way to honour the courage of our forefathers is to re-dedicate ourselves to our righteous cause and make ever more strenuous efforts to achieve a future for British children.